Host communities

Bellzone works successfully with local communities and government to effectively communicate the positive socio-economic benefits of our presence. Our strategy centres on continuous community communication, involvement of the community in local commercial and employment opportunities, and active engagement on interface areas of traditional community activities and project activities. Goods and services are sourced locally where possible and employment opportunities are provided as a priority to the local community.


Bellzone recognises that the activity of mining alters the local environment. The company, therefore, works effectively with appropriate government departments to manage the environmental impacts associated with our projects. A comprehensive set of environmental standards, procedures and practices are implemented and monitored through dedicated environmental staff to ensure the effective management of environmental impact.

Towards sustainability at Bellzone

Sustainability and the disciplines that fall under its umbrella, including safety and health, community development, human resources and environmental management, are managed from Bellzone’s country head office in Conakry in line with overall company policy and strategy set by the CEO and the Executive Committee.


A Mining Convention is in place at Kalia, having been finalised in 2010, following three months of negotiations with a multidisciplinary committee appointed by the government of Guinea. This Mining Convention grants and guarantees Bellzone the right to extract, process, treat, transport, export and sell iron ore from the Kalia mining licence area. Kalia’s Mining Convention is based on the 1995 Mining Code, which was in effect at the time of the Convention being put in place. It is not required to be updated or renegotiated to reflect the 2011 Mining Code. In September 2012, the government of Guinea granted Bellzone the Mining Concession (permit) for Kalia.

Engaging with stakeholders

Bellzone defines stakeholders as individuals, groups or entities directly affected by the company’s activities and/or those who benefit from them. The company actively engages with stakeholders – shareholders, employees, business partners, government, host communities and media (local and international) – in order to understand and respond to their concerns.

Health and safety

Bellzone manages health and safety in line with international industry best practices. The company’s activities are focused on every person being capable of hazard identification, risk assessment and taking appropriate control action. Management has a programme of continuous monitoring and review in place to provide an environment for processes to be implemented effectively.

Water management

Bellzone has adopted a proactive approach and continuously uses the water permit system to ensure that the process is well understood and in place for operations.


Energy supply by Guinea’s power utility, Electricité de Guinée (EDG), is limited. Bellzone generates its own electricity by using diesel-powered generators.