Shareholder information


  1. Contact your preferred broker.
  2. Alternatively, for UK, North American, European and other international investors, contact Bellzone’s appointed advisors WH Ireland Limited.
Legal Entity Identifier (“LEI Number”)

Under EU legislation known as the Central Securities Depositary Regulation (CSDR) and the EU Transparency Directive, all companies with shares dematerialised into CREST are required to maintain and publish a LEI Number. The LEI Number for Bellzone Mining plc is 213800X7MWNMIC3IUM94. The ISIN for Bellzone Mining plc is JE00B3N0SJ29.

TOP 10 SHAREHOLDERS AS AT 28 February 2017

Shareholders% held
Hudson Global Group Limited 61.93
Nikolajs Zuks 3.01
Barclays Wealth Management (UK) 2.91
Nikko Asset Management Asia 2.73
Halifax Share Dealing 2.61
Hargreaves Lansdown Asset Management 2.39
Bellzone Mining plc (Treasury) 2.23
TD Direct Investing 1.90
Hanscon Holding Pty 1.54
Talbot Group Investments 1.36
Other 17.39

Shares not in public hands (AIM Rule 26)

In accordance with AIM Rule 26, 67.16% of the issued share capital of the Company as at 28 February 2017 was considered to be not in public hands. These shares include shares held (i) by Hudson Global Group Limited; (ii) in Treasury; (iii) by Substantial Shareholders, defined as having held 10% or more individually during the preceding 12 months; and (iv) by the Directors of the Company and persons who were Directors during the preceding 12 months, together with their associated persons.