Company Profile

Bellzone Mining plc is an emerging iron ore and nickel exploration and development Company operating in the Republic of Guinea, West Africa.

Listed on the AIM Market in April 2010 and registered in Jersey, Channel Islands, Bellzone has offices in Jersey, Conakry (Guinea) and Singapore.

Our iron ore and nickel activities are managed from our in-country head office in Conakry.

The Bellzone team focuses on delivering the outcomes required to reduce project risk, increase the Company’s resources and develop the opportunities that will add value to the Company and its shareholders.

Responsible operations

Bellzone works successfully with local communities and government to effectively contribute to, and communicate, the positive socio-economic benefits of the Company’s presence.

Bellzone’s strategy centres on continuous community consultation and communication with a focus on local employment and skills training, as well as supporting traditional community and project activities. Goods and services are sourced locally where possible and the Company continues to focus on employment of people from the local community as a priority.

Bellzone recognises that the activity of mining alters the local environment. The Company, therefore, works effectively with appropriate government departments and communities to manage the environmental impacts associated with mining projects. A set of environmental standards, procedures and practices is implemented and monitored by dedicated environmental staff to ensure the effective management of our environmental impact.

Bellzone's assets

Kalia Mine Project is the Company’s flagship project.

The Bellzone permits are located east of Conakry and accessed by an existing bitumen road:

  • The Kalia Iron Permit covers an area of 573km2 and is located approximately 250km east of Conakry. Kalia has received all relevant mining permits.
  • The Faranah Iron Permit, located immediately adjacent to the east of the Kalia Iron Permit, covers an area of 808km2. All the relevant mining permits are in place.
  • On 17 September, 2013, Bellzone released the results of its Kalia Bankable Feasibility Study to the market. The study shows the Kalia Phase 1 (KP1) Project to be at 7 million dry tonnes of production per annum with a 58% iron, <6mm fines product for the first 10 years. The study also shows a total capital cost of $865m with an IRR of 37.5%.

Projects and locations

Bellzone projects in Guinea, West Africa [map]